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Remove kinetic law, unit, or unit prefix from library


sbioremovefromlibrary (Obj)
sbioremovefromlibrary ('Type', 'Name')


sbioremovefromlibrary (Obj) removes the kinetic law definition, unit, or unit prefix object (Obj) from the user-defined library. The removed component will no longer be available automatically in future MATLAB® sessions.

sbioremovefromlibrary does not remove a kinetic law definition that is being used in a model.

You can use a built-in or user-defined kinetic law definition when you construct a kinetic law object with the method addkineticlaw.

sbioremovefromlibrary ('Type', 'Name') removes the object of type 'Type' with name 'Name' from the corresponding user-defined library. Type can be 'kineticlaw', 'unit' or 'unitprefix'.

To get a component of the built-in and user-defined libraries, use the commands get(sbioroot, 'BuiltInLibrary') and get(sbioroot, 'UserDefinedLibrary').

To create a kinetic law definition, unit, or unit prefix, use sbioabstractkineticlaw, sbiounit, or sbiounitprefix respectively.

To add a kinetic law definition, unit, or unit prefix to the user-defined library, use the function sbioaddtolibrary.


This example shows how to remove a kinetic law definition from the user-defined library.

  1. Create a kinetic law definition.

    abstkineticlawObj = sbioabstractkineticlaw('mylaw1', '(k1*s)/(k2+k1+s)');
  2. Add the new kinetic law definition to the user-defined library.


    sbioaddtolibrary adds the kinetic law definition to the user-defined library. You can verify this using sbiowhos.

    sbiowhos -kineticlaw -userdefined
    SimBiology Abstract Kinetic Law Array
    Index:    Library:       Name:     Expression:
    1         UserDefined    mylaw1    (k1*s)/(k2+k1+s)  
  3. Remove the kinetic law definition.

    sbioremovefromlibrary('kineticlaw', 'mylaw1');

Introduced in R2006a