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SimBiology.export.SimulationOptions class


Simulation settings for exported SimBiology model


SimBiology.export.SimulationOptions is the superclass of simulation options for exported models. Simulation options are either of subclass SimBiology.export.ODESimulationOptions for deterministic solvers, or SimBiology.export.StochasticSimulationOptions for stochastic solvers.


Simulation options are created by the export method for SimBiology® models.

export (model)Export SimBiology models for deployment and standalone applications



Maximum number of logs criterion to stop simulation, a positive scalar value.


Maximum elapsed wall clock time criterion to stop simulation, a positive scalar value.


Simulation time criterion to stop simulation, a nonnegative scalar value.


Time units for simulation. This property is read only.

Copy Semantics

Handle. To learn how handle classes affect copy operations, see Copying Objects (MATLAB).