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SimBiology Model Component Libraries

The SimBiology® libraries are collections of built-in kinetic laws, units, and unit prefixes that you can use while configuring reactions and quantity units in your model.

The built-in Abstract Kinetic Laws library provides a list of predefined reaction rates that follow particular kinetics, such as the mass action or Michaelis-Menten kinetics. The Units library provides a list of available units and corresponding unit compositions. The Unit Prefixes library provides a list of prefixes and corresponding exponent values for unit prefixes.

You can also add custom components to any library. For instance, you can define a custom unit and use it in your model. These custom components are saved across sessions of MATLAB®. The libraries are available for all SimBiology projects and are not part of any one project.

To see the list of libraries in the SimBiology Model Builder app, click Libraries on the Home tab. The following figure shows the kinetic laws library with all available built-in kinetic laws.

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