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SimEvents Blocks - Alphabetical List

Alphabetical List By Category
Composite Entity CreatorCreate composite entities
Composite Entity SplitterSplit composite entities
Conveyor SystemTransport entities
Discrete Event ChartDiscrete event chart
Entity Batch CreatorCreate batch of entities
Entity Batch SplitterSplit batch entities
Entity FindFind entities
Entity GateGate entities
Entity GeneratorGenerate Entities
Entity Input SwitchSwitch input entities
Entity MulticastSend multicast entities
Entity Output SwitchOutput entities
Entity QueueEnqueue entities
Entity ReplicatorReplicate entities
Entity SelectorSelect entities
Entity ServerServe entities
Entity StoreStore entities
Entity TerminatorTerminate entities
Hit CrossingDetect crossing point
MATLAB Discrete-Event SystemMATLAB discrete-event system
Message ReceiveExtract data from received messages
Message SendCreate and send message
Multicast Receive QueueReceive multicast entities
Resource AcquirerAcquire entity resources
Resource PoolPool entity resources
Resource ReleaserRelease entity resources
Sequence ViewerDisplay messages, events, states, transitions, and functions between blocks during simulation
SimEvents DebuggerDebug SimEvents models