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Customize block behavior by setting block parameters

To create a Simulink® model, you add blocks to a block diagram, and then connect and configure those blocks. You can assign values to numeric block parameters, which control block calculations during simulation, and adjust block properties, which control appearance.

Adjust the parameters and properties of blocks to:

  • Experiment with parameter values as you design a model.

  • Match simulation results with measured data by estimating parameter values.

  • Design an efficient control algorithm by optimizing parameter values.

  • Document blocks and customize appearance.

Define system constants by creating global variables that you can share between blocks and models.


set_paramSet Simulink parameter value
get_paramGet parameter names and values
slexprGenerate expression to use in value of parameter object


Simulink.DualScaledParameterSpecify name, value, units, and other properties of Simulink dual-scaled parameter
Simulink.ParameterStore, share, and configure parameter values
Simulink.VariantControlCreate a variant control variable object (Since R2021a)
Simulink.VariantVariableCreate variant parameter object (Since R2021a)


Block Parameters

Block Properties

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