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Component-Based Modeling

Model architecture for large-scale modeling, component reuse, and team-based projects

Simulink® facilitates component-based modeling and modular design. You can segment your model into design components and then model, simulate, and verify each component independently. You can save individual components as subsystems in a library or as separate models. Team members can then work on those components in parallel.

Use Simulink Projects to organize large modeling projects by finding required files, managing and sharing files and settings, and using source control.

  • Model Architecture
    Create reusable components to share between models or teams, reduce visual complexity with model hierarchy
  • Variant Systems
    Create custom model versions to support different specifications, without duplication
  • Requirements Traceability
    View linked requirements in projects, models, and blocks
  • Project Management
    Create projects, manage shared model components, interact with source control, customize Simulink environment

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