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Custom MATLAB Algorithms

Create blocks that implement custom algorithms using MATLAB® functions

The MATLAB Function block allows you to add MATLAB functions to Simulink® models for deployment to desktop and embedded processors. This capability is useful for coding algorithms that are better stated in the textual language of MATLAB than in the graphical language of Simulink.

For an overview of using the MATLAB Function block to incorporate MATLAB code in a Simulink model, watch Incorporating MATLAB Algorithms into a Simulink Model (2 min, 4 sec).

  • MATLAB Algorithm Design
    Supported MATLAB features and functions, data definition, how behavior of generated code differs from MATLAB
  • MATLAB Algorithm Integration
    Integrate MATLAB algorithms in Simulink models with MATLAB Function blocks
  • Code Generation
    Guidelines for traceability and improving readability, external code integration
  • Performance
    Guidelines for improving generated code performance
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