Illustration of Law of Large Numbers

This example shows how to use MATLAB System blocks to illustrate the law of large numbers.

The law of large numbers states that the cumulative average probability of an event approaches the expected value as the number of trials approaches infinity. You can see this in the generated plot.

A Uniform Random Number block connected to Compare To Constant block acts as a Bernoulli trial. The example uses the high value as successful outcome of the experiment.

This example highlights the use of MATLAB System block as follows:

  • The Success Counter counts the number of successful trials. The Total Trials Counter counts the total number of trials. Both blocks use the same System object™. This System object is a source block that uses the "resetImpl" method to count the number of times the block has run at consecutive time steps.

  • The Analysis block calculates the average probability and plots it. It uses a System object that inherits from the interface classes matlab.System and matlab.system.mixin.propagates. The interface class matlab.System is required for all System objects. To use features not supported for code generation (like cell arrays) with a MATLAB System block, also inherit your System object from matlab.system.mixin.Propagates. As a result, this block cannot simulate in "Code generation" mode. It must simulate in "Interpreted execution" mode.

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