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Documentation and Resources

Simulink Online Help

Simulink® software provides comprehensive online help describing features, blocks, and functions with detailed procedures for common tasks.

Access online help from Help menus and context-sensitive block labels.

  • From the Simulink Library Browser toolbar, select the Help button .

  • From the Simulink Editor menu, select Help > Simulink > Simulink Help.

  • Right-click a Simulink block, and then select Help.

  • From the model Configuration Parameters dialog box or a block parameters dialog box, right-click a parameter label, then select What's This?

Simulink Examples

Simulink provides example models that illustrate key modeling concepts and Simulink features. To view a list of examples:

  • From the Simulink Editor menu, select Help > Simulink > Examples.

  • From the Help browser, open the Simulink product page, and then click Examples at the top right.

To open the Simulink model for an example, click the Open Model button.

Website Resources

You can access additional Simulink resources on the MathWorks website, including a description of capabilities, technical articles, tutorials, and hardware support.

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