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Compute the signals that this MATLAB S-function block emits









Instance of Simulink.MSFcnRunTimeBlock class representing the Level-2 MATLAB S-Function block.


The Simulink® engine invokes this required method at each simulation time step. In a Level-2 MATLAB S-function, the Outputs method calculates the S-function's outputs at the current time step and store the results in the run-time object's OutputPort(n).Data property. In addition, for S-functions with a variable sample time, the Outputs method computes the next sample time hit.

Use the run-time object method IsSampleHit to determine if the current simulation time is one at which a task handled by this block is active. For port-based sample times, use the IsSampleHit property of the run-time object's InputPort or OutputPort methods to determine if the port produces outputs or accepts inputs at the current simulation time step.

Set the run-time object's NextTimeHit property to specify the time of the next sample hit for variable sample-time S-functions.

Introduced in R2012b