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Simulink Project Setup

Organize work into projects, automate startup and shutdown, find frequent tasks, reuse standard template settings

Simulink® Projects help you to organize large modeling projects by finding required files, managing and sharing files and settings, and interacting with source control. See What Are Simulink Projects?.


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simulinkprojectOpen Simulink Project and get project object
slproject.createCreate blank Simulink project
Simulink.createFromTemplateCreate model or project from template
Simulink.findTemplatesFind model or project templates with specified properties
Simulink.exportToTemplateCreate template from model or project
slproject.getCurrentProjectsList all top-level Simulink projects
slproject.loadProjectLoad Simulink project
exportExport Simulink Project to zip
closeClose Simulink Project
addFileAdd file to Simulink Project
addFolderIncludingChildFilesAdd folder and child files to Simulink Project
addPathAdd folder to path of Simulink project
addReferenceAdd referenced project to Simulink project
addShortcutAdd shortcut to Simulink project
addShutdownFileAdd shutdown file to project
addStartupFileAdd startup file to project
findFileGet Simulink Project file by name
isLoadedDetermine if Simulink Project is loaded
reloadReload Simulink Project
removeFileRemove file from Simulink Project
removePathRemove folder from Simulink project path
removeReferenceAdd folder to Simulink project path
removeShortcutRemove shortcut from Simulink project
removeShutdownFile​Remove shutdown file from project shutdown list
removeStartupFileRemove startup file from project startup list

Examples and How To

Project Creation

Create a New Project From a Folder

Automatic project creation: Easily turn a folder to a project and manage your files, data, and environment in one place.

Create a Project from a Model

Create a project to organize your model and any dependent files. Simulink runs dependency analysis on your model to identify required files and a project root location that contains all dependencies.

Add Files to the Project

Add files in the project files view or programmatically.

Create a New Project from an Archived Project

Create a new project from an archived project in a zip file.

Create a New Project Using Templates

In Simulink Project, use templates to create and reuse a standard project structure.

Open Recent Projects

Open recent projects from MATLAB® or Simulink.

Specify Project Details, Startup Folder, and Derived Files Folders

View and edit details such as the name, description, project root, startup folder, and generated files folders.

Explore Simulink Project Tools with the Airframe Project

Try an example Simulink project to see how the tools can help you organize your work.

Startup and Shutdown Automation

Specify Project Path

Simulink Project can manage your path automatically when you open and close projects.

Automate Startup Tasks

In Simulink Project, startup files help you set up the environment for your project.

Automate Shutdown Tasks

In Simulink Project, shutdown files help you clean up the environment for the current project when you close it.

Frequent Task Shortcuts

Create Shortcuts to Frequent Tasks

In Simulink Project, create shortcuts for common project tasks and to make it easy to find and access important files and operations.

Use Shortcuts to Find and Run Frequent Tasks

In Simulink Project, use shortcuts to make it easy for any project user to find and access important files and operations.

Project Template Creation

Create Templates for Standard Project Settings

To reuse scripts and files for a standard Simulink project setup, create templates from projects, edit templates, or explore example templates.


What Are Simulink Projects?

Use Simulink projects to help you organize your work. Find all your required files; manage and share files, settings, and user-defined tasks; and interact with source control.

What Can You Do With Project Shortcuts?

In Simulink Project, use shortcuts to make it easy for any project user to find and access important files and operations.

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