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Add parameter to Simulink system




The add_param command adds the specified parameters to the specified system and initializes the parameters to the specified values. Case is ignored for parameter names. Value character vectors are case sensitive. The value of the parameter must be a character vector. Once the parameter is added to a system, set_param and get_param can be used on the new parameters as if they were standard Simulink® parameters. Simulink software saves these new parameters with the model file.

    Note:   If you attempt to add a parameter that has the same name as an existing parameter of the system, Simulink software displays an error.


This command


adds the parameters DemoName and EquationOrder with 'VanDerPolEquation' and '2' to the vdp system. Afterward, you can use the following command to retrieve the value of the DemoName parameter.


Introduced before R2006a

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