Attach a component to a configuration set



attachComponent(cs,component) attaches a component to a Simulink.ConfigSet object.


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Replace the solver component of the active configuration set of one model with the solver component of another model.

Get the active configuration set for modelB.

hCs = getActiveConfigSet('modelB');

Get the 'Solver' component for this configuration set.

hSolverConfig = getComponent(hCs,'Solver');

Create a copy of the component.

hSolverConfig = copy(hSolverConfig);

Get the active configuration set for modelA.

hCs = getActiveConfigSet('modelA');

Attach the copy of the 'Solver' component from modelB to modelA.


Input Arguments

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A configuration set object that you can attach a component to.

A component that you can attach to configuration set.

Introduced before R2006a