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Bit Set

Set specified bit of stored integer to one


Logic and Bit Operations


The Bit Set block sets the specified bit of the stored integer to one. Scaling is ignored.

You can specify the bit to be set to one with the Index of bit parameter, where bit zero is the least significant bit.

Data Type Support

The Bit Set block supports Simulink® integer, fixed-point, and Boolean data types. The block does not support true floating-point data types or enumerated data types.


Index of bit

Index of bit where bit 0 is the least significant bit.


If the Bit Set block is turned on for bit 2, bit 2 is set to 1. A vector of constants 2.^[0 1 2 3 4] is represented in binary as [00001 00010 00100 01000 10000]. With bit 2 set to 1, the result is [00101 00110 00100 01100 10100], which is represented in decimal as [5 6 4 12 20].


Data Types

Boolean | Base Integer | Fixed-Point

Direct Feedthrough


Multidimensional Signals


Variable-Size Signals


Code Generation


See Also

Bit Clear

Introduced before R2006a

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