Delete line from Simulink system


delete_line('model', 'outPort', 'inPort')
delete_line('model', [x y])


delete_line('sys', 'oport', 'iport') deletes the line extending from the specified block output port oport to the specified block input port iport. oport and iport are strings consisting of a block name and a port identifier in the form block/port. Most block ports are identified by numbering the ports from top to bottom or from left to right, such as Gain/1 or Sum/2. Enable, Trigger, and State ports are identified by name, such as subsystem_name/Enable, subsystem_name/Trigger, Integrator/State, or if_action_subsystem_name/Ifaction.

delete_line('sys', [x y]) deletes one of the lines in the system that contains the specified point (x,y), if any such line exists.

delete_line(LineHandle) deletes the line specified by the handle.


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Remove Line Using Block Port Names

For the model vdp, remove the line connecting the Product block with the Gain block.

delete_line('vdp', 'Product/1', 'Mu/1')

Remove Line Using Line Handle

For the model vdp, remove a line using the line handle.

delete_line('vdp', 'Product/1', 'Mu/1')
LineHandle = add_line('vdp', 'Product/1', 'Mu/1')

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