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Highlight block, signal line, port, or annotation





hilite_system(obj) highlights a block, line, port, or annotation in an open model using the default highlight style. Use hilite_system with a port to highlight the signal line attached to the port. Each use of hilite_system adds to the highlighting. Highlighting is not saved with the model.


hilite_system(obj,style) uses the specified highlighting style.

Input Arguments

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Block, port, line, or annotation to highlight, specified as:

  • The full block path name

  • A numeric handle for lines, ports, or annotations

  • A traceability tag from the comments of Simulink® Coder™ generated code.

    Using a traceability tag requires a Simulink Coder license.

The format for a traceability tag is <system>/block, where system is either:

  • Root

  • A unique system number assigned by Simulink during code generation

Example: 'vdp/Mu', 'sldemo_fuelsys/fuel_rate_control/airflow_calc', '<Root>/Mu'

Highlighting style, specified as one of these values. You can customize the appearance of any of the styles. See Customize a Highlighting Style.

  • 'default' — Default color scheme: red outline, yellow fill.

  • 'none' — Clears the highlight.

    To clear all highlighting, in the Simulink Editor, select Display > Remove Highlighting.

  • 'debug' — Uses default color scheme.

  • 'different' — Applies red outline, white fill.

  • 'error' — Uses default color scheme.

  • 'fade' — Applies gray outline, white fill.

  • 'find' — Applies dark blue outline, blue fill.

  • 'lineTrace' — Applies red outline, blue fill.

  • 'unique' — Dark blue outline, white fill.

  • 'user1', 'user2', 'user3', 'user4', 'user5' — Applies custom highlight: black outline, white fill by default (i.e., no highlight).

In addition, you can use these color schemes. The first word is the outline and the second is the fill color.

  • 'orangeWhite'

  • 'blackWhite'

  • 'redWhite'

  • 'blueWhite'

  • 'greenWhite'


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Open the model slexAircraftExample.


Highlight the Controller block. When you use the default highlight style, the block appears highlighted with a red outline and yellow fill.


Open the model vdp.


Highlight the Mu block using the style 'fade'.


If you have a Simulink Coder license, you can trace generated code to the corresponding source block in a model.

Open the model f14.


In the model configuration parameters, in the Solver pane, set Type to Fixed-step.

Generate code for the model using Code > C/C++ Code > Build Model.

In an editor or in the code generation report, open a generated source or header file. As you review lines of code, note traceability tags that correspond to code of interest.

Highlight a block using a traceability tag.

hilite_system('<Root>/Stick Input')

Highlight a block in a subsystem.

hilite_system('<S3>/W-gust model')

You can customize a highlighting style by setting the 'HiliteAncestorsData' parameter on the root-level model using set_param in this form:


Specify hiliteData as a structure array that has these fields:

  • 'HiliteType' — Highlighting style to customize, such as 'user1', 'debug', or 'error'.

  • 'ForegroundColor' — Color for block fill.

  • 'BackgroundColor' — Color for block outline.

The supported values for 'ForegroundColor' and 'BackgroundColor' are:

  • 'black'

  • 'white'

  • 'gray'

  • 'red'

  • 'orange'

  • 'yellow'

  • 'green'

  • 'darkGreen'

  • 'blue'

  • 'lightBlue'

  • 'cyan'

  • 'magenta'

Define a highlight style for 'user1', and customize the style for 'debug'.


Use the defined style to highlight a block.

hilite_system('f14/Controller/Alpha-sensor Low-pass Filter','user1')

Introduced before R2006a

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