Class: matlab.system.mixin.SampleTime

Specify sample time type, offset time, and sample time


sts = getSampleTimeImpl(obj)


sts = getSampleTimeImpl(obj) returns the sample time specification created within the method body, sts, for the System object™ obj. Specify the sample time specification within the body of getSampleTimeImpl by calling createSampleTime. The sample time specification affects the simulation time when the System object is included in a MATLAB System block.

This method is called during setup by setupImpl.

Input Arguments

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System object for which you want to specify the sample time.

Output Arguments

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An object defining the sample time specification values. You create this object with the createSampleTime function.


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Specify that the MATLAB System block should inherit the sample from upstream blocks.

function sts = getSampleTimeImpl(obj)
    sts = createSampleTime(obj,'Type','Inherited');

Specify a discrete sample time for the MATLAB System block.

function sts = getSampleTimeImpl(obj)
    sts = createSampleTime(obj,'Type','Discrete',...

Introduced in R2017b