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Signal Routing with the From, Goto, and Goto Tag Visibility Blocks

This example shows how to use the From, Goto, and Goto Tag Visibility blocks to route signals in your model. The GotoGlobal block at the top-level of the model has the Goto tag parameter set to G and the Tag visibility set to global. Thus, the G tag can be seen by From and Goto blocks at any level of the model hierarchy, except locations that span nonvirtual subsystem boundaries (like the Atomic Subsystem in this model). The From block at the top level of the model can see and connect to the global G tag, but cannot see or connect to the scoped S tag or L local tag that are specified on Goto blocks further down in the model hierarchy.

Inside of the Main Subsystem, the Goto block with Goto tag set to S has a Tag visibility of scoped. The Goto Tag Visibility block placed at the same level as that Goto block indicates the S tag can be seen by all From and Goto blocks at that level and below, except for locations that cross a nonvirtual subsystem boundary (i.e. the boundary with the Atomic Subsystem). Inside of Subsystem1 and Subsystem2, the From blocks can see and connect to the global Goto tag G, and the scoped Goto tag S.