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Simulink.sdi.DiffSignalResult class

Package: Simulink.sdi

Results from comparing two signals


The Simulink.sdi.DiffSignalResult object manages the results from comparing two signals. A Simulink.sdi.DiffSignalResult object contains the value differences of the signals, the tolerance data, and the data after any specified synchronization methods are performed.


The function Simulink.sdi.compareSignals returns a handle to a Simulink.sdi.DiffSignalResult object, which contains the comparison results.

A Simulink.sdi.DiffSignalResult object is also created when the function Simulink.sdi.compareRuns creates a Simulink.sdi.DiffRunResult object, which in turn creates Simulink.sdi.DiffSignalResult objects.


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A MATLAB® timeseries object specifying the value differences after synchronizing the two time series data.

A Boolean indicating if the two MATLAB timeseries objects match according to the specified tolerance and time synchronization options.


The maximum numerical difference between the two signals, stored as a double.


Signal ID, a unique number identifying the first signal compared, stored as an integer.

Signal ID, a unique number identifying the second signal compared, stored as an integer.

A MATLAB timeseries object specifying first time series after synchronization has been applied.

A MATLAB timeseries object specifying second time series after synchronization has been applied.

A MATLAB timeseries object specifying the absolute tolerance value at each synchronized time point.


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In this example, a Simulink.sdi.DiffSignalResult object is created after comparing two signals in the Simulation Data Inspector.

% Configure model "slexAircraftExample" for logging and simulate
simOut = sim('slexAircraftExample','SaveOutput','on',...

% Create a Simulation Data Inspector run and get signal IDs
[~,~,signalIDs] = Simulink.sdi.createRun('My Run','namevalue',{'MyData'},{simOut});

sig1 = signalIDs(1);
sig2 = signalIDs(2);

% Compare two signals, which returns the results in an
% instance of Simulink.sdi.DiffSignalResult
diff = Simulink.sdi.compareSignals(sig1,sig2);

% Find if the signals match
match = diff.match;

% Get the tolerance used in Simulink.sdi.compareSignals
tolerance = diff.tol;
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