Save current Simulation Data Inspector session


Description saves all runs, signals, tolerances, signal selections, and the current view to a MAT-file, fileName.

Input Arguments


A string specifying the target file to save.


Save the Simulation Data Inspector simulation runs, specified tolerances, and current view to a MAT-file. You can later load the information back in to the Simulation Data Inspector using the Simulink.sdi.load function.

% Configure model "sldemo_fuelsys" for logging and simulate
simOut = sim('sldemo_fuelsys', 'SaveOutput','on', ...
             'SaveFormat', 'StructureWithTime', ...
             'ReturnWorkspaceOutputs', 'on');
% Create a run in the Simulation Data Inspector
runID = Simulink.sdi.createRun('My Run','base',{'simOut'});

% Save the current Simulation Data Inspector session'my_runs.mat');


To save the session to a file, in the Simulation Data Inspector, click Save on the Visualize tab. For more information, see Save and Load Simulation Data Inspector Sessions.

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