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Class: Simulink.VariantManager
Package: Simulink

Display or control behavior of variant condition legend


Simulink.VariantManager.variantLegend(modelName, action)


Simulink.VariantManager.variantLegend(modelName, action) displays or performs a specified action on the variant condition legend.

Input Arguments

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Model for which the variant legend is displayed, specified as a character vector.

Task to be performed on the variant condition legend for the model. You can specify the task as:

  • 'open' — Displays the variant condition legend for a model. The model must be open. If the legend is opened for the first time, the model is updated.

  • 'print' — Prints the data in the variant condition legend. The legend must be open. There is no preview before printing the legend.

  • 'showCodeConditions' — Displays code generation conditions column in the variant condition legend. The legend must be open. showCodeConditions is used as a name-value pair and accepts 'on' or 'off' as its values.

  • 'close' — Closes the variant condition legend belonging to the specified model.


model = 'sldemo_variant_subsystems';
        % Open the variant condition legend
        % Display the code generation conditions

Version History

Introduced in R2017b