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Create Simulink.NumericType object describing signed integer data type


a = sint(WordLength)


sint(WordLength) returns a Simulink.NumericType object that describes the data type of a signed integer with a word size given by WordLength.


sint is a legacy function. In new code, use fixdt instead. In existing code, replace sint(WordLength) with fixdt(1,WordLength,0).


Define a 16-bit signed integer data type.

a = sint(16)
a = 

  NumericType with properties:

      DataTypeMode: 'Fixed-point: binary point scaling'
        Signedness: 'Signed'
        WordLength: 16
    FractionLength: 0
           IsAlias: 0
         DataScope: 'Auto'
        HeaderFile: ''
       Description: ''

Introduced before R2006a