Change MATLAB character set encoding


currentCharacterEncoding = slCharacterEncoding()


This command allows you to change the current MATLAB® character set encoding to be compatible with the character encoding of a model that you want to open.

currentCharacterEncoding = slCharacterEncoding() returns the current MATLAB character set encoding.

slCharacterEncoding(encoding) changes the MATLAB character set encoding to the specified encoding. You should only specify these values:

  • 'US-ASCII'

  • 'Windows-1252'

  • 'ISO-8859-1'

  • 'Shift_JIS'

If you want to use a different character encoding, you need to start MATLAB with the appropriate locale settings for your operating system. Consult your operating system manual to change the locale setting. Simulink® can support any character encoding that uses single-byte or double-byte characters.

    Note   You must close all open models or libraries before changing the MATLAB character set encoding except when changing from 'US-ASCII' to another encoding.

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