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String Compare

Compare two input strings

  • Library:
  • Simulink / String


String Compare compares two strings. To see if two strings are identical, use this block. You can specify if the match is case sensitive and how much of the string to compare.



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First string to compare, specified as a scalar.

Data Types: string

Second string to compare, specified as a scalar.

Data Types: string


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True or false result, specified as a scalar:

  • 1 — Match.

  • 0 — No match.

Data Types: Boolean


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Case sensitivity for string comparison:


Consider string case when comparing strings.


Do not consider string case when comparing strings.

Amount of string to compare:

  • Entire string — Compare both entire strings.

  • First N characters — Compare the first N characters of both strings.


Setting this parameter to First N characters enables the Number of characters parameter.

Number of characters to compare


This parameter is enabled when the Compare Option parameter is set to First N characters.

Data Types: double

Block Characteristics

Data Types

Boolean | string

Direct Feedthrough


Multidimensional Signals


Variable-Size Signals


Zero-Crossing Detection


Extended Capabilities

C/C++ Code Generation
Generate C and C++ code using Simulink® Coder™.

Introduced in R2018a