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Display graph of model reference dependencies




view_mdlrefs('modelName') launches the Model Dependency Viewer, which displays a graph of model reference dependencies for the model specified by modelName. The nodes in the graph represent Simulink® models. The directed lines indicate model dependencies.

The default display omits library blocks. You could see this same display by opening modelName and choosing Analysis > Model Dependencies > Model Dependency Viewer > Models Only from the model menu. Use Analysis > Model Dependencies > Model Dependency Viewerto see other dependency displays.

The Model Dependency Viewer is the same tool, and provides the same options, whether you launch it by typing view_mdlrefs('modelName') or by using the Simulink GUI. To see an example of using the Model Dependency Viewer, type sldemo_mdlref_depgraph in the MATLAB® Command Window.

Introduced before R2006a

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