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Tag and Retrieve Versions of Project Files

With SVN, you can use tags to identify specific revisions of all project files. Not every source control has the concept of tags. To use tags with SVN, you need the standard folder structure in your repository and you need to check out your files from trunk. See Standard Repository Structure.

  1. On the Project tab, in the Source Control section, click Tag.

  2. Specify the tag text and click OK. The tag is added to every project file.

    Errors appear if you do not have a tags folder in your repository.


You can retrieve a tagged version of your project files from source control, but you cannot tag them again with a new tag. You must check out from trunk to create new tags.

To retrieve the tagged version of your project files from source control:

  1. On the Project tab, click New, and then in the start page, click Source Control.

  2. Click Change to select the Repository path that you want to retrieve files from.

    The Specify SVN Repository URL dialog box opens.

    1. Select a recent repository from the Repository list, or click the Repository button to browse for the repository location.

    2. Click Validate to show the repository browser.

    3. Expand the tags folder in the repository tree, and select the tag version you want.

    4. Click OK to continue and return to the new project dialog box.

  3. Select the local folder to receive the tagged files. You must use an empty project folder. (If you try to retrieve tagged files into an existing project folder, an error appears.)

  4. Click Retrieve.

Alternatively, you can use labels to apply any metadata to files and manage configurations. You can group and sort by labels, and create batch jobs to export files by label. See Add Labels to Files.

With Git™, you can switch branches. See Branch and Merge Files with Git.

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