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Simulink 3D Animation Functions - By Category

Alphabetical List By Category

Build Virtual Reality Worlds

vreditOpen 3D World Editor
vrgetprefValues of Simulink 3D Animation preferences
vrsetprefChange Simulink 3D Animation preferences
vrinstallInstall and check Simulink 3D Animation components

Import CAD and Robot Models

stl2vrmlConvert STL file to virtual world file
vrcadcleanupClean up virtual world 3D file exported from CAD tools
vrimportImport 3D file into virtual world or node
vrphysmodAdd virtual reality visualization framework to block diagrams
vrinsertrobotAdd robot to virtual world
vrupdaterobotUpdate RigidBodyTree robot pose
vrlibOpen Simulink block library for Simulink 3D Animation
vrjoystickCreate joystick object
vrspacemouseCreate space mouse object

Interact with Virtual Reality Worlds

vrworldCreate new vrworld object associated with virtual world
vrdrawnowUpdate virtual world
vrnodeCreate node or handle to existing node
vr.canvasCreate virtual reality canvas
vrclearRemove all closed virtual worlds from memory
vrwhoList virtual worlds in memory
vrwhosList details about virtual worlds in memory
vrfigureCreate virtual reality figure
vrfigure.captureCapture virtual reality figure image
vrfigure.closeClose virtual reality figure
vrfigure.getReturn property value of vrfigure object
vrfigure.isvalidCheck validity of vrfigure object handles
vrfigure.setSet property values of vrfigure object
vrgcfHandle for active virtual reality figure
vrgcbfCurrent callback vrfigure object
vrcloseClose virtual reality figure windows
vr.utils.stereo3dStereoscopic vision settings for vr.canvas and vr.figure objects
vrdir2oriConvert viewpoint direction to orientation
vrori2dirConvert viewpoint orientation to direction
vrrotvecCalculate rotation between two vectors
vrrotmat2vecConvert rotation from matrix to axis-angle representation
vrrotvec2matConvert rotation from axis-angle to matrix representation
vrifs2patchConvert virtual world IndexedFaceSet nodes to MATLAB patches
vrpatch2ifsConvert MATLAB patches to IndexedFaceSet nodes
vrjoystickCreate joystick object
vrspacemouseCreate space mouse object

View Dynamic System Simulations

Choose a Viewer

vrgetprefValues of Simulink 3D Animation preferences
vrsetprefChange Simulink 3D Animation preferences

Share Visualizations

Record and Play Animations

vrplayPlay VRML animation file
vrviewView virtual world using Simulink 3D Animation viewer or Web browser