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Check for unconnected objects

Check ID: mathworks.iec61508.UnconnectedObjects

Identify unconnected lines, input ports, and output ports in the model.


Unconnected objects are likely to cause problems propagating signal attributes such as data, type, sample time, and dimensions.

Ports connected to Ground or Terminator blocks pass this check.

Available with Simulink® Check™.

Results and Recommended Actions

ConditionRecommended Action
There are unconnected lines, input ports, or output ports in the model or subsystem.
  • Double-click an element in the list of unconnected items to locate the item in the model diagram.

  • Connect the objects identified in the results.

Capabilities and Limitations

  • Runs on library models.

  • Does not analyze content of library linked blocks.

  • Analyzes content in all masked subsystems.

  • Allows exclusions of blocks and charts.

See Also

  • IEC 61508-3, Table A.3 (3) - Language subset

  • IEC 62304, 5.5.3 - Software Unit acceptance criteria

  • ISO 26262-6, Table 1 (1b) - Use of language subsets, Table 1 (1d) - Use of defensive implementation techniques

  • EN 50128, Table A.4 (11) - Language Subset

  • EN 50657, Table A.4 (11) - Language Subset

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