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Identify IBM DOORS objects linked from Simulink that do not link to Simulink

Identify IBM® DOORS® objects that are targets of Simulink®-to-DOORS requirements traceability links, but that have no corresponding DOORS-to-Simulink requirements traceability links.


You have Simulink-to-DOORS links that do not have a corresponding link from DOORS to Simulink. You must be logged in to the IBM DOORS Client to run this check.

Available with Requirements Toolbox™.

Results and Recommended Actions

The Requirements Management Interface (RMI) examines Simulink-to-DOORS links to determine the presence of a corresponding return link. The RMI lists DOORS objects that do not have a return link to a Simulink object. For such objects, create corresponding DOORS-to-Simulink links:

  1. Click the Fix All hyperlink in the RMI report to insert required links into the DOORS client for the list of missing requirements links. You can also create individual links by navigating to each DOORS item and creating a link to the Simulink object.

  2. Re-run the link check.