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ModelAdvisor.ListViewParameter class

Package: ModelAdvisor

Add list view parameters to custom checks


The Model Advisor uses list view parameters to populate the Model Advisor Result Explorer. Access the information in list views by clicking Explore Result in the Model Advisor window.


ModelAdvisor.ListViewParameterAdd list view parameters to custom checks


AttributesAttributes to display in Model Advisor Report Explorer
DataObjects in Model Advisor Result Explorer
NameDrop-down list entry

Copy Semantics

Handle. To learn how this affects your use of the class, see Copying Objects (MATLAB) in the MATLAB® Programming Fundamentals documentation.



The following example is a fragment of code from the sl_customization.m file for the example model, slvnvdemo_mdladv. The example does not execute as shown without the additional content found in the sl_customization.m file.

mdladvObj = Simulink.ModelAdvisor.getModelAdvisor(system);

% define list view parameters
myLVParam = ModelAdvisor.ListViewParameter;
myLVParam.Name = 'Invalid font blocks'; % the name appeared at pull down filter
myLVParam.Data = get_param(searchResult,'object')';
myLVParam.Attributes = {'FontName'}; % name is default property