Refactor Models

Identify modeling clones and patterns to transform model

Use the Model Transformer and Identify Modeling Clones tools to refactor a model to improve model componentization and enable reuse.

Identify modeling patterns that qualify for transformation into Variant Source or Variant Subsystem blocks. Create a model that transforms modeling patterns into Variant Source or Variant Subsystem blocks.

Identify clones and create a model that replaces these clones with links to subsystem blocks in a library.

Replacing clones with links to library blocks enables component reuse. Using Variant Subsystem and Variant Source blocks helps in the reusability of a model for different conditional expressions called variant choices. The active model is a combination of a fixed structure and variable components that you activate depending on the variant choice that you select.


mdltransformerOpen Model Transformer
clonedetectionOpen Identify Modeling Clones tool


Transform Model to Variant System

Use the Model Transformer tool to transform a model into a variant system.

Enable Component Reuse with Clone Detection

Use the Identifying Modeling Clones tool to replace subsystem clones with library blocks.

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