Frequency Response Estimation

Estimate frequency response, examine frequency-domain characteristics, validate linearization

A frequency response describes the steady-state response of a system to sinusoidal inputs. Simulink® Control Design™ software has both command-line tools and a graphical Linear Analysis Tool for estimating the frequency response of your system. You can use the estimated response to validate exact linearization results, analyze linear model dynamics, or estimate parametric models. For more information about frequency response estimation, see What Is a Frequency Response Model?.

Frequency response estimation requires an input signal at the linearization input point to excite the model at the frequencies of interest. For more information, see Estimation Input Signals.

Graphical Tools

Linear Analysis Tool Linearize Simulink models


frestimate Frequency response estimation of Simulink models
frestimateOptions Options for frequency response estimation
frest.Sinestream Signal containing series of sine waves
frest.createFixedTsSinestream Sinestream input signal with fixed sample time
frest.Chirp Swept-frequency cosine signal
frest.Random Random input signal for simulation
frest.simCompare Plot time-domain simulation of nonlinear and linear models
frest.simView Plot frequency response model in time- and frequency-domain
frest.createStep Step input signal
frest.findDepend List of model path dependencies
frest.findSources Identify time-varying source blocks
getSimulationTime Final time of simulation for frequency response estimation
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