Linearization Basics

Define system to linearize, plot linear response, validate linearization results

You can linearize a Simulink® model at the default operating point defined in the model. For more information, see Linearize Simulink Model at Model Operating Point. You can also specify an operating point found using an optimization-based search or at a simulation snapshot.

To extract the linearized response of a portion of your model, you can define specific linearization input and output points. For more information, see Specifying Portion of Model to Linearize. After linearization, you can validate your results in both the time domain and frequency domain.

Graphical Tools

Linear Analysis Tool Linearize Simulink models


linearize Linear approximation of Simulink model or block
getlinio Linearization input/output (I/O) settings for Simulink model, Linear Analysis Plots or Model Verification block
linio Define linearization input/output (I/O) points for Simulink model
setlinio Specify linearization input/output (I/O) points for Simulink model, Linear Analysis Plots block, or Model Verification block
linlft Linearize model while removing contribution of specified blocks
linlftfold Combine linearization results from specified blocks and model
linearizeOptions Set options for linearization
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