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Get list of analysis points for slLinearizer or slTuner interface


pt_names = getPoints(s)



pt_names = getPoints(s) returns the names of the analysis points of s, which can be either an slLinearizer interface or an slTuner interface. Use the analysis point names to extract transfer functions using commands such as getIOTransfer and to specify tuning goals for an slTuner interface.


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Open Simulink model.

mdl = 'ex_scd_simple_fdbk';

Create an slLinearizer interface to the model, and add some analysis points to the interface.

sllin = slLinearizer(mdl,{'r','e','u','y'});

Get the names of all the analysis points associated with sllin.

pt_names = getPoints(sllin)
pt_names =

  4×1 cell array

    'ex_scd_simple_fdbk/K (controller)/1[u]'
    'ex_scd_simple_fdbk/G (plant)/1[y]'

Input Arguments

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Interface to a Simulink model, specified as either an slLinearizer interface or an slTuner interface.

Output Arguments

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Analysis point names, returned as a cell array of character vectors.

Each entry of pt_names follows the pattern, full block path/outport number/[signal name].

Introduced in R2014a

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