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Define Linear System for Model Verification Blocks

To assert that the linear system characteristics satisfy specified bounds, the Model Verification blocks compute a linear system from a nonlinear Simulink® model.

For the software to compute a linear system, you must specify:

  • Linearization inputs and outputs using the Linearization inputs/outputs block parameter.

    Linearization inputs and outputs define the portion of the model to linearize. A linearization input defines an input while a linearization output defines an output of the linearized model. To compute a MIMO linear system, specify multiple inputs and outputs.

  • When to compute the linear system

    You can compute the linear system and assert bounds using the Linearize on block parameter.

    • Default simulation snapshot time. Typically, simulation snapshots are the times when your model reaches steady state.

    • Multiple simulation snapshots.

    • Trigger-based simulation events.

For more information, see the following examples: