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Class: sdo.requirements.BodeMagnitude
Package: sdo.requirements

Evaluate Bode magnitude bound for linear system


c = evalRequirement(req,lin_sys)


c = evalRequirement(req,lin_sys) evaluate whether a linear system satisfies the specified piecewise-linear Bode magnitude bound.

Input Arguments


sdo.requirements.BodeMagnitude object.

For MIMO systems, the bound applies to each input/output (I/O) channel.


Linear system (tf, ss, zpk, frd, genss, or genfrd).

Output Arguments


Column vector indicating the maximum signed distance of the system gain to each edge specified in req. Negative values indicate that the bound edge is satisfied and positive values that the bound edge is violated.

For MIMO systems, a matrix of signed distances where each column represents an I/O pair and gives the distance of that IO pair gain to each edge in the bounds.


Evaluate Bode magnitude requirement.

 req = sdo.requirements.BodeMagnitude;
 sys = tf(1,[1 2 2 1])
 c = evalRequirement(req,sys);

c is negative, which indicates that the system satisfies the gain requirement.