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Model Coverage Analysis

Generate test cases for systematic verification using formal analysis methods


About Model Coverage Analysis

Model Coverage Objectives for Test Generation

Test cases are generated to drive your model to satisfy condition, decision, modified condition/decision (MCDC), and custom coverage objectives.

Modified Condition and Decision Coverage in Simulink Design Verifier

Describes the difference between MCDC coverage in Simulink® Design Verifier™ and in Simulink Coverage™.

Basic Workflow for Enhanced MCDC Analysis

To generate test cases for enhanced Modified Condition Decision Coverage (MCDC) coverage objectives:

Enhanced MCDC Coverage in Simulink Design Verifier

Describes the Enhanced MCDC coverage concept and workflows.

Enhance Model Coverage of Older Release Models

Explains how to use cross release workflow for model upgrade by using Simulink Design Verifier.

Use Test Generation Advisor to Identify Analyzable Components

Use the Test Generation Advisor to guide model and component analysis.

Missing Coverage in Subsystems and Model Blocks

Explains how to convert subsystems to Model blocks before attempting to achieve missing coverage.

Debug Enhanced Modified Condition and Decision Coverage (MCDC) using Model Slicer

This example shows how to find the Simulink Design Verifier (SLDV) generated objectives related to a specific model object using Model Slicer.

Create and Run Back-to-Back Tests using Enhanced MCDC

Create back-to-back tests using enhanced MCDC in Test Manager.

Generate Test Cases

Generate Test Cases for Model Decision Coverage

An example that walks you through the process of generating test cases for a model.

Export Test Cases to Simulink Test

Describes how to generate test cases in Simulink Test™ using Simulink Design Verifier analysis results, which can be generated by property proving, design error detection, and test case generation.

Test Generation on Model with C Caller Block

Test generation on a model with a C Caller block and custom C code.

Test Generation for Custom Code in a Stateflow Chart

Test generation on a model with custom code in a Stateflow chart.

Design Verifier Pane: Test Generation

Specify options that control how Simulink Design Verifier generates tests for the models it analyzes.