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Deploy and Configure a Startup Real-Time Application

After you build a real-time application slrt_ex_osc_rt, you can use Simulink® Real-Time™ Explorer to deploy the application to a target computer and run the application in standalone mode on the target computer. For more information, see Build and Deploy a Real-Time Application.

  1. Open Simulink Real-Time Explorer. In the Simulink Editor, on the Real-Time tab, click Prepare > SLRT Explorer.

  2. From the target computers list, select a target computer and connect to it.

  3. To deploy the real-time application slrt_ex_osc_rt, click Load Application, use the File Selector to select the slrt_ex_osc_rt application, and click Load.

  4. To configure the real-time application to load and run each time the target computer starts, in the Target Configuration tab, select the Startup App checkbox for the application.

  5. To restart the target computer and run the start-up application, click the Reboot button.

To remove the start-up application configuration, de-select the application Startup App checkbox.

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