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Troubleshoot File Names with Spaces Halt Model Builds

My Simulink® Real-Time™ model build on my Windows computer reports an error:

Simulink Real-Time model build cannot use a file path with spaces for MATLAB install location

What This Issue Means

The error message indicates that 8.3 name or short file name generation is disabled on the drive where MATLAB® is installed and that one or more tools in the build process toolchain is not compatible with Windows path names that contain spaces. This type of path is referred to as a Windows long file name.

An example use case that demonstrates this issue is:

  • Install MATLAB on a non-system or network drive in a Windows system in a directory path that contains spaces.

  • Build a model by using the slrealtime.tlc code generation target.

Because Windows default is to disable 8.3 file name generation on non-system drives and the QNX® Neutrino® toolchain for the code generation target is not compatible with file paths that contain spaces, the model build halts and does not output a real-time application.

Try This Workaround

For workaround information, see Build Process Support for Folder Names with Spaces or Special Characters. For more suggestions, see the Microsoft® fsutil 8dot3name utility page.

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