Getting Started with Simulink Test


Refine, Test, and Debug a Subsystem

Debug and refine a subsystem using a simple test harness.

Test Downshift Points of a Transmission Controller

This example demonstrates how to test a transmission shift logic controller using test sequences and test assessments.

Test Model Output Against a Baseline

Test simulation output against a baseline.

About the Test Manager

Introduction to the Test Manager

Structure model testing and organize large test sets.

Test Sections

Configure test cases.

About Test Sequences

Introduction to Test Sequences

Get started using test sequences and the Test Sequence block.

Syntax for Test Sequences and Assessments

Reference for operators and expressions used in Test Sequence and Test Assessment blocks.

About Test Harnesses

Test Harness and Model Relationship

Test a Simulink® model in an isolated environment, using a separate workspace and configuration set accessed via the model canvas.

Select Test Harness Properties

Create and customize test harness configurations for your model and subsystem.

Manage Test Harnesses

Manage test harnesses, including opening, converting, closing, deleting, and exporting.

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