Real-Time Testing

Test in real-time on target hardware, assess results online or after execution

Executing real-time tests allows system assessment that includes the effects of timers, physical signals, and target hardware. You can sweep through parameter values on the target, and verify expected outputs during execution, or after results return to the host.


Test Models in Real Time

Create a real-time application, download it to the target, execute the test, and assess results.

Test Real-Time Application (Simulink Real-Time)

Stress test a real-time application with Simulink® Test™.

Reuse Desktop Test Cases for Real-Time Testing

Real-time testing based on desktop test cases, using external inputs for real-time tests.

Run Combinations of Tests Using Iterations

Use iterations to test combinations of parameter sets, external inputs, configuration sets, Signal Builder groups, or baselines.

Assess Simulation Using Logical Statements

Use verify and assert statements with logical connectives and relational operators in test sequences and assessments.

Projector Controller Testing Using verify and Real-Time Tests

Perform real-time testing on a target computer and verify system behavior against requirements.

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