Class: sltest.testmanager.TestFile
Package: sltest.testmanager

Run test cases in test file


resultObj = run(tf)


resultObj = run(tf) runs the enabled test cases in the test file and returns a results set object.

Input Arguments

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Test file with the test cases you want to run, specified as an sltest.testmanager.TestFile object.

Output Arguments

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Test results, returned as a results set object, sltest.testmanager.ResultSet.


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% Create the test file, test suite, and test case structure
tf = sltest.testmanager.TestFile('My Test File');
ts = createTestSuite(tf,'My Test Suite');
tc = createTestCase(ts,'simulation','Simulation Test Case');

% Remove the default test suite
tsDel = getTestSuiteByName(tf,'New Test Suite 1');

% Assign the system under test to the test case

% Run the test file and return an object with results data
ro = run(tf);

Introduced in R2015b