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Read Test Sequence block symbol properties


symbolInfo = sltest.testsequence.readSymbol(blockPath,symbol)
symbolInfo = sltest.testsequence.readSymbol(blockPath,symbol,Property)


symbolInfo = sltest.testsequence.readSymbol(blockPath,symbol) returns a struct symbolInfo of properties for symbol in the Test Sequence block specified by blockPath.

symbolInfo = sltest.testsequence.readSymbol(blockPath,symbol,Property) returns the value symbolInfo of the Property for symbol.


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This example edits constant DurationLimit in the Test Sequence block, changing it to a local variable of single data type.

1. Load the model.

Model = 'sltestRollRefTestExample';

2. Search for data symbols containing the word duration.

data_names = sltest.testsequence.findSymbol...
    ('sltestRollRefTestExample/Test Sequence','Name','[Dd]uration',...
data_names = 1x1 cell array

3. Read the properties of the DurationLimit constant.

dlProperties = sltest.testsequence.readSymbol...
    ('sltestRollRefTestExample/Test Sequence',data_names{1})
dlProperties = struct with fields:
            Kind: 'Data'
           Scope: 'Constant'
        DataType: 'double'
     Description: ''
        Document: ''
    InitialValue: '5'
            Name: 'DurationLimit'
            Size: ''
             Tag: []

4. Change DurationLimit to a local variable of single data type.

sltest.testsequence.editSymbol('sltestRollRefTestExample/Test Sequence',...

5. Close the model.


Input Arguments

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Path to a Test Sequence block, including the block name, specified as a character vector.

Example: 'FanSpeedTestHarness/Test Sequence'

Test Sequence block symbol name, specified as a character vector. Symbols include data, messages, function calls, and triggers used as inputs, outputs, local variables, constants, parameters, or data store memory in the Test Sequence block.

Example: 'DurationLimit'

Test Sequence block symbol property, specified as a character vector. To find valid properties for a particular symbol, read properties of the symbol using sltest.testsequence.readSymbol(blockPath,symbol).

Example: 'Kind'

Example: 'Scope'

Example: 'DataType''Description'

Output Arguments

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Properties of the Test Sequence block symbol.

Example: struct

Introduced in R2017a