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I/O Devices

Create models that simulate SoC application with I/O devices

Create Simulink® models with simulations of the I/O devices available on SoC devices. Connect I/O devices to the software algorithms and hardware user-logic subsystems of your SoC application model. Add asynchronous communication and data capture simulation to your model using I/O device blocks with event message signals.


soc.recorderData recording session for specified SoC hardware board


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PWM WriteSend pulse width modulation (PWM) signal configuration to PWM Interface block
ADC ReadRead ADC data values from ADC Interface block
TCP ReadReceive TCP/IP packets from remote host over TCP/IP network
TCP WriteSend TCP/IP packets to remote host over TCP/IP network
UDP ReadReceive UDP packets from remote host
UDP WriteSend UDP packets to remote host
Register ReadRead data from a register region on the specified IP core
Register WriteWrite data to a register region on the specified IP core
Stream ReadStream data from shared memory to processor algorithms
Stream WriteStream data from processor algorithms to shared memory
Audio CaptureCapture audio samples from an input audio device and send to an algorithm
Audio PlaybackPlayback audio samples from an algorithm to an output audio device
Video CaptureCapture video from input video device and send to algorithm
Video DisplayDisplay image samples from an algorithm to an output video device
ADC InterfaceConvert analog signal on ADC input pin to digital signal
PWM InterfaceSimulate pulse width modulation (PWM) output from hardware
Audio Capture InterfaceSimulate capture of sample from audio stream on hardware
Audio Playback InterfaceSimulate audio output device on a hardware board
Video Capture InterfaceSimulate capture of images from video stream on hardware
Video Display InterfaceSimulate display of images to video screen on device
DIP SwitchConnect signals attached to DIP switches on hardware board
I2C MasterConfigure and communicate with I2C slave device
LEDConnect signals attached to LEDs on hardware board
Push ButtonConnect signals attached to push buttons on hardware board


soclibOpen the SoC Blockset block library


Record I/O Data from SoC Device

This example shows you how to record real-world data from hardware for use in simulation.

Simulate PWM Waveforms and Events

Configure blocks to produce fine-grained PWM waveforms in an SoC model.

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