Getting Started with Stateflow


Basic Approach for Modeling Event-Driven Systems

Basic approach for modeling event-driven systems with Stateflow charts

Model Event-Driven System

Learn how to program a chart based on the operating modes of the system.

About Event-Driven System Modeling

Finite State Machine Concepts

Explains what a finite state machine is and how it relates to a Stateflow® chart


Describes the primary Stateflow chart objects that represent modes of a system


Describes pathways for a chart or state to change from one mode (state) to another

Anatomy of a Stateflow Chart

Presents an example of a Stateflow chart

Difference Between Flow Charts and State Transition Diagrams

Compares flow charts and state transition diagrams

How Stateflow Software Works with Simulink Software

Describes how Stateflow software works with Simulink® software

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