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Execute single or multiple systems at specific times

To determine order of execution for specific Simulink® subsystems, use schedulers. You can schedule either one or multiple subsystems to execute at multiple times within the same time step. With schedulers, you can choose the order that multiple subsystems are executed and how many times a subsystem is executed.


Schedule Execution of Simulink Subsystems

Design ladder logic, loop, and temporal logic scheduler algorithms in your state machines.

Schedule Multiple Subsystems in a Single Step

Create function-call output events to trigger execution of function-call subsystems by using a ladder logic scheduler.

Schedule One Subsystem in a Single Step

Use a loop scheduler to implement a for loop to broadcast an event multiple times in a single time step.

Schedule Subsystems to Execute at Specific Times

Use a temporal logic scheduler to create rate-based function calls that execute Simulink subsystems at specific times.

Schedule Function Calls

Schedule calls to Simulink and MATLAB® functions by using conditional and time-based logic in Stateflow®

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