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Read calibration status of sensor



[status,timestamp] = readCalibrationStatus(BNO055Sensor) returns the calibration status of the accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer sensors in the BNO055 sensor, and the overall system .


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Create an arduino object.

arduinoObj = arduino("COM5","MKR1000","Libraries","Adafruit/BNO055")
arduinoObj = 
  arduino with properties:

                  Port: 'COM5'
                 Board: 'MKR1000'
         AvailablePins: {'D0-D14', 'A0-A6'}
  AvailableDigitalPins: {'D0-D14', 'A0-A6'}
      AvailablePWMPins: {'D0-D8', 'D10', 'A3-A4'}
   AvailableAnalogPins: {'A0-A6'}
    AvailableI2CBusIDs: [0]
AvailableSerialPortIDs: [1]
             Libraries: {'Adafruit/BNO055', 'I2C'}

Create a BNO055Sensor object.

BNO055Sensor = addon(arduinoObj,'Adafruit/BNO055')
BNO055Sensor = 
  BNO055 with properties:

               SCLPin: 'D12'
               SDAPin: 'D11'
                  Bus: 0
           I2CAddress: 40 ('0x28')

To calibrate the sensors, follow the steps in Calibrate BNO055 Sensors.


Read the calibration status of the sensor.

[status,timestamp] = readCalibrationStatus(BNO055Sensor)
status = struct with fields:
           System: "uncalibrated"
    Accelerometer: "uncalibrated"
        Gyroscope: "full"
     Magnetometer: "uncalibrated"

timestamp = datetime datetime
   24-Jul-2019 08:09:45.785

Input Arguments

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BNO055 sensor connection, specified as an addon object.

Output Arguments

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Calibration status of the system, gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer in the BNO055 sensor specified as a structure array. The values as seen by sensor correspond to the calibration status of the sensors. The values are in the range 0-3 .The table describes each of the values

Value as seen by the SensorstatusSensor Status
0"uncalibrated"Sensor is uncalibrated
1"partial"Sensor is partially calibrated
2"partial"Sensor is partially calibrated
3"full"Sensor is fully calibrated

A partially calibrated sensor with calibration status 2 returns more accurate readings compared to the one with calibration status 1

Data Types: struct

The time at which MATLAB® receives the calibration status, specified as a datetime.

Data Types: datetime

Introduced in R2019b