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Create an object for the hardware that a target supports



H = createHardware(hardwareName) returns a matlabshared.targetsdk.Hardware (Hardware) object, H, with the Name set to hardwareName.

A Hardware object represents a hardware board supported by a target.


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Create a new object, hHw, for the hardware and set its device ID to ARM Cortex-A9.

hHw = createHardware('My first hardware board')
hHw.DeviceID = 'ARM Cortex-A9';

Create a new target using ARM Cortex-A target as the reference target.

hTgt = createTarget('My Target','ARM Cortex-A','c:/mytarget');

Map the new hardware, hWh, to the new target, hTgt, and show the features and hardware supported by the target.

map(hTgt,hHw,'My first hardware board display name');
                         My first hardware board            
Display Name      My first hardware board display name      

Input Arguments

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Name of the hardware, specified as a string.

Data Types: char

Output Arguments

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Handle to the Hardware object.