Set Up A Bluetooth Connection

This topic shows you how to set up a Bluetooth® connection between your Windows® host computer and the NXT hardware.

You may need to create a Bluetooth connection between your Windows host computer and the NXT hardware for either of these purposes:

This procedure requires a Bluetooth device on your host computer that is compatible with the NTX's built-in Bluetooth device. Details for adding a Bluetooth device vary from one of version of Windows to another. If needed, search Microsoft® help for additional information.

    Note:   Some Bluetooth devices do not support connections with the NXT brick. For this reason, MathWorks® recommends using the 9847 Bluetooth Dongle specified on the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT Web site.

Set up a Bluetooth on your Windows host:

  1. Connect a supported Bluetooth dongle to your Windows host computer. Let Windows automatically find and install the appropriate drivers.

  2. Turn the NXT brick on, and verify that the small Bluetooth icon is visible in the upper-left corner of the LCD. The icon looks like a capital-B composed of two triangles.

    If the Bluetooth symbol is not visible, press the right arrow on the NXT brick four times. Then, select Bluetooth > On/Off > On.

  3. In Windows 7, open Control Panel > Devices and Printers to check whether the NXT brick has already been added to Devices.

  4. If the NXT brick is not among the devices, click Add a device.

  5. In the Add a device wizard that opens, select your NXT Bluetooth device, and click Next.

      Note:   All of the NXT bricks operating within Bluetooth range appear in the list of devices. To avoid confusion, assign a unique name to your NXT brick, as described in Replace Firmware on NXT Brick.

  6. When the LCD on the NXT brick displays the default passkey, 1234, promptly press the orange button on the NXT brick.

      Note:   If the NXT times out during this step, return to Windows, select the NXT Bluetooth device, and click Next.

  7. In the Add a device dialog box, enter the passkey, 1234, as the pairing code. Click Next.

  8. When you see confirmation that the device has been added, click Close. The next time you turn on both devices, the Bluetooth connection between your host computer and the NXT brick will be available.

    Tip   If you have trouble with the Bluetooth connection, try removing the device from Devices and Printers and repeating this process.

Set up a Bluetooth connection on your Mac OS X host:

Before trying to connect, make sure to close any previous connections with the NXT device. After closing any connections, you should reset the NXT device before trying to connect again.

  1. In System Preferences window, select Bluetooth option under Internet & Wireless pane.

  2. On the Bluetooth window, click Set Up New Device.

  3. In the Bluetooth Setup Assistant window, select NXT under Devices column and click Continue.

  4. On the NXT device, the default passkey ‘1234' appears.

  5. Click the orange button on the NXT device. Enter the passkey on the Mac OS X host. If you chose anything other than ‘1234', repeat the passkey on the NXT device. Your Mac OS X host is now paired with the NXT device.

  6. To establish connection between the Mac OS X host and the NXT device, perform the following step.

    In the Bluetooth window on your Mac OS X host, go to Setting > Edit serial ports…

    If there is no outgoing serial port in the list, click + to add a serial out.

    By default, the device service is ‘Dev B'. Otherwise, change the service type to ‘Dev B'.

  7. Click Apply.

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