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Remove a Simulink model from Run-on-boot



removeRunOnBoot(raspPiObj) removes the Simulink® model from Run-on-boot.


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To remove a model from Run-on-boot:

  1. Create a connection to the Raspberry Pi™ hardware.

    raspPiObj = raspberrypi('','pi','raspberrypi')
    rasPiObj = 
      raspberrypi with properties:
        DeviceAddress: ''
                 Port: 22

    For more information on creating a connection to Raspberry Pi hardware, see raspberrypi.

  2. Use the removeRunOnBoot function.

    If the model is successfully removed, the function returns an empty cell.

    ans = 
         0×0 empty cell array

Input Arguments

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The object that represents the connection to Raspberry Pi hardware.

Example: raspPiObj

Introduced in R2018a